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Varma Treatment Training

Varmakalai is an ancient healing art of Tamil Nadu. This art can cure / control any disease with no or minimal medication. Varmakalai addresses the root cause of all diseases by which 90 to 95 % of diseases can be cured. In varmakalai training academy we teach this art completely with all diagnostic methods.

For successful varmakalai treatment we need the following :

  • Pulse diagnosis
  • Varma Panchapatchi Sastram diagnosis
  • Varma Astrology diagnosis
  • Physical examination
  • Tongue/nail diagnosis
  • Urine diagnosis
  • Varma saram (breath) diagnosis
  • Correct sequence of stimulating varma points
  • Dasanadi / Dasavayu treatment
  • Varma Adangal(revival) techniques
  • Varma massaging techniques
  • Nokku Varmam

Our syllabus completely covers each and every aspect of the above topics with more practicals.