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I am Aishwarya from Velachery Chennai, I am studying Varma Adimurai in VTA. In a very few classes I started to feel more confident and stronger. My flexibility has improved, I am highly recommending this class for others who want to learn practical self defense.


I am Gayathri from Chennai, I am with VTA for the past few months, and the most interesting aspect of my class is using principles and body mechanics to escape / control an opponent rather than physical energy. In my view this course is very opt for females and young children.


I am Prakash from Saidapet, Chennai, I joined VTA without any martial arts background my flexibility and strength were very poor and my stamina levels were very low. In a few classes my flexibility, strength and stamina increased. In my view Varmakalai Adimurai is an effortless martial arts/highly street effective. I recommend this course for all the people who want to protect them in any situations.


I am Pradeep from Anna Nagar Chennai working in a news channel. I am learning martial arts with VTA for the past 6 months. Learning Varmakalai Adimurai is a fun which gives lot of confidence and happiness. Each and every session, we have exercise, martial arts practice and lot of discussion about self defense strategies, learning here makes me stress free and gives confidence in all the times. I highly recommended this course for all the people whom work is very critical and stressful in nature.


I am Anish from Choolaimedu in Chennai, I came to VTA for fitness they recommended this Varma Adimurai class for me. I was little bit hesitant to take up the course. But after a few months, I realized this course gave fitness, wellness and self defense with surviving skills. I strongly recommended this course for others.


I am Meera resident of Chennai, came to VarmaKriya for knee pain, high blood pressure and weight reduction after 5 weeks of treatment my weight is reduced to 103 kgs. It was initially 120 kgs my knee pain intensity and blood pressure has come down to normal levels. So I decided to take a varmakalai treatment course with varmakalai training academy. Now for the past 8 months I am learning this wonderful treatment aspects, Now I am confident and with the guidance of varmakalai training academy I started to do this healing and getting wonderful results I am very thank full to varmakalai training academy for the best teaching of varmakalai.


I am Hema Priya from kodambakkam Chennai. I am working in a film editing company I come to Varmakalai Training Academy to learn Varmakalai only for treating Musclo- skeletol pain after I came here I observed that they are treating all the diseases using Varmakalai healing. So I took full course with them & from there my learning curve it always going on. I am thankful to the treachers of Varmakalai training academy.


I am Sathish, I am from Pallikarnai Chennai,. I am working as a gym instructor , most of the clients during workout got injuries. As a trainer I am helpless because I donít know how to heal Musculo Skeletal injuries. So I decided to take a course with Varmakalai Training Academy. Now after 5 months I got an opportunity to work as a physical therapist & fitness instructor in the holistic health care centre. I am thankful to Varmakalai Traing Academy for providing the best knowledge and job. I recommend Varmakalai Training Academy for people who wants to learn Varmakalai seriously.


I am Aravindan from K.K. Nagar Chennai, I came to Varmakalai Training Academy for my knee pain after a week I found major improvement and got interest in Varmakalai Training course. So I signed up the complete course with them. Here in Varmakalai Training Academy , Varmakalai is being taught without hiding anything as secret. Thank you Varmakalai Training Academy.


I am Anuj from Mumbai, I signed up a course with Varmakalai Training Academy to learn Astrology, Panchapatchi Sastram and their relationship with Varmakalai. Now I am in 6 th month of my training in this short period I become more confident & comfortable in using Panchapatchi Sasram & Astrology as a diagnostic tool to diagnose diseases. I amgreatful to Varmakalai Training Academy fro providing this wonderful knowledge.


I am Murali from Ambattur Chennai, I am having my Own Construction Company. I came to Varmakalai Training Academy to treat my sonís sinusitis. After seeing a great improvement in a week time I decided to signup a course with them . Varmakalai teaches this course in Treatment , Martial Arts, Materialistic & Spiritual Aspects. I felt this is one of the very few academic who teaches Varmakalai in all aspects. So if anyone wish to learn Varmakalai, I strongly recommend Varmakalai Training Academy.