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Dasanadi Massage Training

These are dasa nadis in varmakalai.

Idakalai nadi Gandari nadi
Pingalai nadi Athi nadi
Suzhumunai nadi Alambudai nadi
Singuvainadi Sangininadi
Purudan nadi Gughu nadi

In varmakalai training academy we are conducting this specialised training program called dasanadi massage (thadaval) training for advanced training students and practioners ofvarmakalai.There are ten (dasa) nadis (channels) in human body.All the varma points are located in this nadis (channels) only. Any diseases or injury can cause a blockage in this nadis (channels). By using the proper way of massage we can remove the blockages so that we can cure the disease or heal an injury. Only genuine students are allowed for this course